Xenia Hausner
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( works )

edition of 20
printed as unique variations
paper size 93 x 95 cm
plate size 93 x 95 cm
printed on Hahnemühle 350g/m²
signed and numbered
published by Studio Xenia Hausner

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Xenia Hausner, *1951 in Vienna, lives and works in Vienna and Gmunden.

Xenia Hausner is a renowned Austrian artist whose work is characterized by a unique combination of painting and photography.

Her art is characterized by her ability to convey emotional intensity and psychological depth in her works. She is known for her large-scale paintings, often depicting complex narrative scenes and characters based on photographs she takes herself. This mixture of reality and imagination gives her works a fascinating complexity.
A central theme in Hausner’s work is the exploration of the human psyche and interpersonal relationships. Her images are often imbued with an atmosphere of melancholy and contemplation, with the characters depicted expressing a variety of emotions and inner conflicts.
Hausner has also worked in the areas of stage design and illustration. Her diverse artistic practice has earned her international recognition, and her works have been exhibited in renowned galleries and museums around the world.
Xenia Hausner remains a significant figure in the contemporary art scene and continues her search for new forms of expression and emotional narratives in her art.

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