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At our studio in Vienna, we provide artists, galleries, institutions, and publishers with a professional venue for creating limited hand-printed editions.

With many years of expertise, numerous projects, and a well-equipped studio, we transform various artistic approaches into innovative editions.

In close collaboration between the artist and the master printers Kalina Strzalkowski & Nestor Kovachev, we challenge the conventional notions of what a print can or should be. Utilising an ever-expanding array of tools and methods, we simultaneously preserve the knowledge of classical printmaking techniques. Printmaking is a timeless medium. The difference is that new generations are using it in new ways.


With the founding of the Werkstatt für handgedruckte Original-Graphik in 1971 by Kurt and Marjatta Zein, contemporary printmaking reached new heights of success. Artists from all over the world travelled to Vienna to bundle new techniques, colors, and materials into unusual works of art in an intensive exchange with the master printer. With his typical obsession, Kurt Zein revived nearly extinct techniques, which, together with editions of unique prints, are still regarded today as the unique selling point of the workshop. Kurt & Marjatta Zein passed all their knowledge and passion to Kalina Strzalkowski & Nestor Kovachev, who are successfully continuing the workshop in the spirit of Kurt & Marjatta Zein.


  • All our papers are of archival quality and acid-free.
We offer


Artists, institutions or publishers are able to collaborate with us on a contract basis. By paying for our services and the production cost of the project(s) the client retains the entire edition. Prices of our services vary and are dependent upon paper size, complexity and quantity required. Contact us for a quote and make an appointment to discuss your project.

We offer


Every year ZEIN EDITIONS invites several artists to our workshop to create a limited edition of fine art prints. We cover the production costs of these projects and profits are split with the artist involved.

We offer


We collaborate with artists, institutions or publishers and share the production costs, the edition as well as the profits depending on agreement.

Zein Editions combine the enthusiasm for innovation and braveness to experimental and craftmanship expertise.

(Johanna Hofleitner – Die Presse, Dec. 2021)