Robert Gabris
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( works )

edition of 10
chine collé, drypoint on copper
paper size 32 x 26 cm
image size 20 x 15 cm
printed on Velin d'Arches 300g/m²
signed and numbered
published by Zein Editions

In 2018, we at ZEIN EDITIONS invited Gabris to participate in our Under Pressure live printing event in which we developed an edition together with the artist.

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Robert Gabris, * 1986 in Hnusta Likier in Slovakia, lives and works in Vienna.

Robert Gabris describes his body of work as a new experimental form of drawing as resistance to exclusion and racism. Gabris combines his interest in the complexity of identity and queer physicality with an autobiographical approach. The artist imagines his graphic work as an obsessive search for exact proportions and symmetries. The blunt emphasis on areas of social tension is accompanied by a concept of nature, charged with sensual, empirical and mystical meaning and embodies the ideal, utopian being.

“I describe the content of my work as a critical confrontation with identity issues, especially confrontations of different groups, excluded from society. The starting point of my work deals with new experimental forms of drawing as resistance to exclusion and racism. I belong to the Roma ethnic group, but don’t define myself as a Roma artist. My work shows a much more constant interest in multiple questions of diverse and convertible identity, the queer body and its existence, possessed in different physical and mental bodies, in relation to normative society and its boundaries.”

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