Anna-Maria Bogner
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( works )

edition of 6
drypoint on copper
paper size 39 x 56 cm
image size 20 x 15 cm
printed on Velin d'Arches 300g/m²
signed and numbered
published by Zein Editions

In 2018, we at Zein Editions invited Bogner to participate in our Under Pressure live printing event in which we developed an edition together with the artist.

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Anna-Maria Bogner
* 1984 in Tyrol, Austria
Lives and works in Düsseldorf, Germany and Vienna, Austria.

In her drawings, photographs and installations, Anna-Maria Bogner addresses questions of the appropriation of space, boundaries and spatial gaps. Her works are deliberately designed for ambiguity: Shifts, duplications or a staggered arrangement of vanishing points allow utopian designs to emerge. Her almost ascetic, meditative art is characterized by a concentrated precision and the limitation on black and white, by which the artist pronounces an additional psychic concept.

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