Alfredo Barsuglia
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ERLEDIGT 21.8.2028
edition of 6
relief embossing of a steel knife, acetone frottage
printed in unique variations
paper size 39,5 x 56,5 cm
image size 3 x 33 cm
printed on Zerkall Bütten 450g/m²
signed and numbered
published by Zein Editions

For Barsuglia’s edition, the artist embossed a steel knife onto 450g/m² paper that he subsequently marked with a future date using the acetone frottage technique. This process allowed him to create an edition of handmade graphic prints.

“The work consists of two opposite, contradicting statements. On the one hand, the German word ERLEDIGT (done) refers to a completed past action or finished event. On the other hand, the date suggests an action or event in the future. The contradiction of this oxymoron is deliberate and refers to Ödon von Horvath’s concept of the “ehemaligen Zukunft” (former future)—for what lies in the future will be accomplished by the present, catch up with the future, and fade into the past as a trace. Like cutting a knife, the present separates the past from the future.”

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Alfredo Barsuglia, *1980 in Graz, lives and works in Vienna.

Alfredo Barsuglia works with various media and genres such as drawing, painting, video, and installation. In his work, the artist creates illusions of reality that span across interior and exterior spaces. Barsuglia always directly involves his audience in sceneries that are relevant to art and society.

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